Sewing knits

Wearing knits is the most comfortable casual option for many people. But cutting and sewing stretch fabrics are a little more difficult than non-stretch wovens, as the fabric moves around and changes shape. Also the stitching has to stretch with the fabric. Most people find it easier if they know a bit about sewing non-stretch fabrics before moving on to knits.

It can be very quick to sew knit fabrics on a serger/ overlocker. But those are an expensive purchase for beginners, and not at all necessary. The classes listed here all teach sewing knits on a domestic sewing machine.

Making leggings can be the easiest introduction to sewing knits, see this post on leggings.

Like to wear all knit fabrics ? There are many simple patterns for tees, sweats, joggers, hoodies.
I think it’s easier to start with fleece, interlock, sweat shirting : they’re more stable (shift around less) than jersey. As you get more confident – the more stretch and recovery there is in a fabric, the closer you can make the fit.

Here’s my post bringing together comments I have found on sewing knits on a domestic sewing machine.
And here’s my post on using a serger/ overlocker.
See also ‘knit fabrics’ on the Techniques H-Z page.

For starter guidance on sewing knits to make garment projects, there are many classes, such as :
Video courses from Creative Bug.
At Craftsy, Meg McElwee of Sew Liberated patterns has a video course on making a knit wardrobe.
Sew Over It patterns have video classes in their Sew Over It Stitch School.
Sew DIY patterns has brought together all her posts on sewing knits, with a domestic machine and/or serger.
Tilly and the Buttons has a video class on making a tee.

Again remember – if one method doesn’t give a result you’re happy with – try another πŸ˜₯ β™₯️ πŸ‘

When you can do all these skills, especially adding a neckband and double needle hem stitching, you’ll be well into ‘Advanced Beginner – starting to be Intermediate’ territory πŸ‘

– – –

With sewing, the list of things you might learn is almost infinite. For some people that is the attraction, but not for everyone.

I think it’s more important to celebrate that you can make a simple complete wardrobe with the skills you already have, also many accessories and home dec items (see lists about half way through the first post).

Enjoy wearing and using what you can make. No need to learn more, unless you want to πŸ‘ πŸ˜€ πŸ‘

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