There’s huge amounts of sewing guidance on the web.  It’s a lovely idea, and thanks to all the people who do all the work.
But, sad and disappointing, much of it is very poor quality.  Poor or incomplete methods, or difficult to see.
Or it’s impossible to avoid the ads.
And none of the general sites have a good index for finding what you want to know.

So the aim of this is mainly selfish, for easy access links to good tutorials. Of course I haven’t seen all the possible sources on each technique, but hopefully I’ve found good ones.
Originally done to support my own sewing. I’m the sort of person who clarifies my thoughts by writing them out. So I thought I’d tidy up what I write and post it here.
And hopefully with a good index.
I find it very interesting that nearly every tutorial comes from a different source !

Couture sewing is the highest quality – slow and accurate. Most of us don’t want to take quite so much trouble. But taking just a little extra care with each sewing process can make a big difference to the quality of the result.
And that’s what this is about.

An on-going project.
More practical than Sewingplums, which is mainly opinions, reviews, collections of information.

The methods described here won’t be right for everyone.
Hopefully these posts will help people like me, who prefer to have a lot of information about what’s involved before they start to do something. I also prefer quality sewing, even of very simple items, not speed sewing.

People who like to jump in and have a go, who prefer quick sewing and brief visual instructions, will find all this very exasperating 😀
I’ve been surprised to find, on a sewing discussion board, that strong passions can be aroused about sewing technique – insults being flung about how you like to sew edge finishes or shape an armhole [?!]

Also my wordy presentation doesn’t suit everyone. My own posts are full of words, but most links go to tutorials with photos and videos.

Different people like to do things in very different ways. (See this Sewingplums post on different learning styles.)
Find the way of sewing that you Enjoy 😀

(P.S. I’m leaving the default header picture from WordPress for now, as for me it symbolises both quality and progressing through infinite possibilities.)

= = = = = = = = = = = =


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, I have been following your blog for some time now and I thank you for your guidance. I have recently refreshed my online store with a blog and would like to share some of your posts in my blog, of course with a link to yours, as I think it is valuable information for my customers. I would like to ask for your permission to do so. Please, let me know. Thank you.

    • Angela – I’m delighted that you like my posts. I am happy for you to use my material, so long as it is very clear what the source is, and you provide a clear link to the original. Thank you for asking permission. Of course, I also reserve the right to withdraw permission !

      My blog is set up for pingbacks so, as I understand it, every time you link to my posts, a link to yours appears on my blog.

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