A basic sewing machine
How a sewing machine works
Using a domestic sewing machine – first steps (see also Beginners-free starters section in right side menu for links to video instructions)
Guide to utility stitches on a domestic sewing machine, from The Sewing Corner
Using an industrial sewing machine, videos from Trish Newberry
Choosing a basic embroidery machine
Using a serger/ overlocker

Fitting aids
Personal fitting sloper – pdf from Sewingplums on the many ways of getting one of these.
See also Techniques page sections on
Size and ease.
Dress form – these are only useful for fitting if they’re the same shape as you are – there’s much useful information on choosing and adjusting a dress form in this thread at Stitchers’ Guild.
The Dummy from Hell (this doesn’t happen to everyone who tries these !)

Marking tools and methods
Tracing wheel, tracing paper

Needles, Threads, Pins, Bobbins
Needles, threads, pins
Needle and looper threaders
And you need to use the right bobbins for your machine, this is a post about why from Sewing Mastery.

Sewing pattern – choose size, understand markings.
See also Techniques page section on Size and ease.
How to pin down a pattern, from Sew Me Something patterns.
Using pdf download patterns
Personal croquis (Sewingplums) – to find flattering styles.

Pattern altering
The simplest methods of altering a pattern are described in this post from Sewingplums.
Pattern altering to make new styles – see this page of Sewingplums for links to more posts about altering patterns to make new styles.

Pressing tools
Pressing ham
Make your own pressing tools – from fabric
Make your own pressing tools – from wood
DIY tool for pressing seams in velvet – video from Threads magazine, scroll down to DIY Faux Velvet Board

Undoing mistakes
Seam ripper

Wardrobe planning
pdf from Sewingplums on many approaches to this.

Entertainment (free)
Nancy Zieman Sewing with Nancy, PBS shows viewable on-line.
Linda MacPhee of MacPhee Workshop, TV shows on YouTube.
Peggy Sagers of Silhouette Patterns, webcasts and sew-alongs.
Sewing Quarter, a UK shopping channel on YouTube – expert demos of garment sewing and quilting with occasional interruptions from a cheery soul telling you about the products used.


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