This is the second in a group of posts about making a cut-on sleeve top.
If you have worked through the first post, you now have your pattern.

This section is about making a test garment and improving the fit and look.
I had so much to say on this it expanded into three sections.
So the complete series on cut-on sleeve tops is now :

1. The pattern.

2A. Reasons to make a test garment.
2B. Making a test garment, and adjusting for fit and preferences.
2C. An example of a changed pattern, plus how to revise your starter pattern.

3. Making a cut-on sleeve top.

The original third post also included a section on making variations. That was separated off and expanded, and is now :
Variations A – change style elements.
Variations B – pullover top to jacket.
Variations C – embellish with textile skills.

Enjoy ♥️ 😀 ♥️

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