Well worth developing skills with sewing zippers. They open up the possibility of making more fitted garments in woven fabrics.

Classic centred zipper tutorial from Colette patterns.

Here’s the Closet Core patterns round-up of all their zipper tutorials :
invisible (old method),
separating zippers : placket, in a coat, exposed,
fly zippers : jeans, trousers.

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Some individual tutorials :

Invisible zipper :
There’s now a much better method, using a zipper at least 2-3″ longer than the opening, a haemostat or tweezers, and a conventional zipper foot. See this invisible zipper video from Kenneth D. King at Threads magazine.
Here’s a photo tutorial for the same method from Sew Essential.
Stitch down the fold of the zipper.
Invisible zipper, my post on the classic method, best done using an invisible zipper presser foot.

Exposed zipper, 2 types :
Open ended/ Separating zipper, video :
Classic technique : Professor Pincushion

Exposed zipper in letterbox opening
More on these in the Pockets post.

Exposed zipper video from Fashion Sewing Blog TV.
Make the opening width at least 5mm-1/4″ more than the widest part of the zipper pull.

An alternative method is to make the letterbox opening using a facing.
Video demo at Sewing Quarter, scroll to 1hr.24min. to 1.32.
Photo tutorial from Whipstitch on exposed zipper.

Open ended/ separating zipper, not exposed teeth :
video of easy technique : FitNice Systems

Jeans fly zipper video.

Best not to expect perfect results first time. Make many samples and adjust your method until you get a result you are happy with. Perhaps use basting stitches for your first efforts, so it’s easy to reclaim the zipper and try again !
Good Luck with developing skills with these.

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