Buying pdf download print-at-home patterns on-line is a happy way of getting instant pattern gratification and frittering away small sums of money. But do try the complete process before buying many of them. Some people find the assembly process excruciatingly boring, and are happy to spend the extra time and money on waiting for a paper pattern to ship !

Here are instructions for assembling a tiled pattern.

There are 2 styles of print out pattern.

The usual ones have an overlap border on each page, so the overlap has to be trimmed away from 2 sides of each page before you can tape them together. I find it helps to have a routine for this – I always trim the top and left sides (some people trim the right and bottom – you choose another combination !). I don’t mind doing this, I find it a ‘quiet sit’ activity.
Here’s photo tutorial about using pdf patterns from Thread Theory, only a little of it is specific to their patterns.

Less often, the pages are printed without overlap borders, so the pages have to be butted together.
There’s an extremely detailed photo tutorial or video from the Sussex Seamstress. Includes full instructions about printing as well as assembling.
Here’s a video tutorial from Hot Patterns, with also much general guidance.
Personally I don’t do well with butted together patterns. I find US patterns don’t match up accurately on A4 paper, even if they claim they do. Not impossible but some judgement is needed. 1/8″ to 1/4″ or 3-5mm mismatches, so it won’t matter at all if you’re making a fitting toile first ! Perhaps it’s the same for printing European patterns on US paper.

If you trace your assembled pattern before using, here’s a suggestion for skipping the taping-together step.

Personally, I find the pages slide around. I need to fix them together with removable tape (well worth the expense), before taping them together finally or tracing them. But I’m not a person who’s only happy when using the quickest method!

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