I haven’t got an serger/overlocker myself – I haven’t got good enough manual dexterity to thread the loopers, and I don’t like sewing fast.

So I’m not an expert, but I did notice some things when I was exploring whether to have one.

There’s a whole lot of intro information about sergers from About.com


Marta Alto’s Palmer-Pletsch Basics DVD has good exercises for exploring how to use your serger/ overlocker. (I can’t understand the associated books.)
Sewing with sergers, Basics I and II

The Sewing Coach has on-line video lessons about using a serger/ overlocker (not free).


Simplicity’s book Simply the Best has the most information about how to use a serger/ overlocker for nearly all sewing processes.
Simplicity Simply the Best

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Links available April 2014

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