Usually used to sew a gap closed.
Often the gap is in a seam – such as a gap that’s used for stuffing a toy or turning a lining.

See separate post on Starting and finishing hand stitching.


Image from Dolls and Daydreams.
She links to this video from StitchLabSewing.

Much used for closing gaps invisibly, such as when making soft toys and cloth dolls.
Can also be used for closing the gap in bag and sleeve linings, when you want an invisible result.
And for invisible seams in hand knitting.

Try to put the needle in very slightly back (in the direction of stitching) from where the thread comes out on the other side of the gap.
For example on the diagram – point 8 should be slightly to the right of point 7.
For some reason this usually give a more invisible result.

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You may not come across this stitch unless you make toys or knits, but it’s a useful stitch to know.

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