This is about making your own wooden pressing tools : a sleeve board and a pressing board.

There’s another post about making your own pressing tools from fabric : ironing board cover, pressing ham, and pressing mitt.

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Sleeve board

Written instructions on making a making a sleeve board, from The Curious Kiwi (scroll down).

Pressing board

image from The Curious Kiwi

A complex looking object with many odd corners for pressing awkward spots.

Here’s a video from Nancy Zieman showing how to use a pressing board.

Not available commercially for a while. Now available again from Nancy’s Notions – tailor board and pad set.
And you can make your own.

Here’s a pdf with the shapes to cut from wood for making a pressing board, from the University of Kentucky.
Photo instructions for making one, in the previous tutorial from The Curious Kiwi.

Commercial pressing boards can also be used as a pressing ham stand.
I don’t know if the pdf pattern works well for that.

Simpler wooden shapes are still available.
Here’s a point presser and clapper :

image from Sew Today

I like to press open the seams at corners, using a point presser.
So do add those tapered corners to your pressing board if you can.

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Unlike an iron, these extra pressing tools aren’t things you have to have for good sewing.
Though a sleeve board is excellent for pressing sleeve and pant leg seams.
The other tools are useful, and it can be fun to make them 😀

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Links available March 2014

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